The University of Iowa Office of Innovation exists to guide innovators along the journey from idea to invention to potential commercialization by providing a complement of necessary resources, by fostering a culture of collaboration and by leveraging external expertise.

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Protostudios is a state-of-the-art rapid-prototyping facility that assists Iowa's entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, educational and medical faculty, staff, and students by converting napkin sketches to functional prototypes using the latest CAD design technologies and additive and subtractive processes in creating research and product idea.

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UI Ventures

UI Ventures is a service provided to the faculty, staff, and graduate students at the University of Iowa. We evaluate the need you have identified and how your technology addresses that need. We engage our vast network of industry experts to help assess market, team, and stage of development and move the best ideas from research to commercialization.

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Iowa Research Park

IOWA Research Park offers leased building sites of varying size and prominence to meet individual requirements and tastes. A system of trails, ponds and wooded green spaces, including one certified wildlife habitat, contribute to a beautiful park-like setting that creates a distinctive location for professional and research-based businesses and a welcoming work environment for their employees. 



MADE offers unique opportunities to Iowa's faculty and staff innovators and student employees. Faculty and staff invent solutions to address needs and MADE offers a fast and accessible pipeline to get unique solutions from clinical settings to market presence. University of Iowa students have access to a hands-on opportunity working in a medical device company right on campus.


Translation Research Incubator (TRI)

The Translational Research Incubator (TRI) is a unique business space on the University of Iowa’s campus whose goal is to provide an environment for early, research-based companies to accomplish critical milestones toward commercialization. 

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Medical Innovation Hive

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We are here to help promising innovations find a pathway forward.